Silks a holds a wealth of amazing benefits for your hair and skin so needs a little more care and attention than its cotton counterpart. 
While all our pure mulberry silk is safe for a machine wash if your in a hurry however we always recommend you wash your silk items by hand in cool water so that you items will be enjoyed for years to come. 
If you decide on using the machine washer, use only the most gentle hand wash cycle to your machine and place the silk pillowcase inside out in a laundry bag. This will protect it from snags from the zip. When handwashing, go for a gentle touch with no twisting or wringing and should only be handled with extra care. 

Some detergents are simply too harsh for silk and will leave it feeling rough, dull and scratchy. Choose a gentle detergent like a wool wash that can clean well but protect the fibres. For hand washing, use about one teaspoon per sink basin. We recommend using THE LAUNDRESS Delicate Wash available to purchase from Harrods or Selfridges. 


Whether you are hand washing or using the washer, always leave items to soak in a little distilled white vinegar post wash and rinse well. The vinegar will help remove any soapy residue, stains stuck in the silk fibers and leave it silky smooth.

Silk and high temperatures do not work well together. The best way to dry your pillowcase is on a drying stand away from direct heat sources and sunlight. If you are in a hurry, tumble dry on a low heat of your dryer and remove the silk while still slightly damp and leave to air dry for the remainder of the time. 

If you feel your pillowcase is wrinkled, it can be ironed on the lowest heat setting on your iron. Always use a clean, white cotton cloth between the iron and the silk to prevent any burning. Burned silk fibers cannot be restored.  



Silk fabrics are strong, resilient to wrinkling, absorbent, hypoallergenic, and can be woven to a slippery, smooth finish. Those qualities make silk fabrics perfect for bedding.

  • As a natural fiber, there are fewer chemicals involved in the production of the fabric than man-made fabrics like microfibre or cotton counterparts. 
  • Silk fibers help the skin retain moisture. Because of the smoothness of the fabric, there is less friction against the skin, which reduces inflammation, acne, rosacea and wrinkles.
  • The fabric's hypoallergenic properties make it resistant to dust mites, fungus, and other allergens.
  • The smooth finish of silk helps reduce hair breakage , frizz and tangling.
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