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Made for a Dreamer, by the Dreamers.

Our Story

"It all started with a dream..."

During my 10 years serving on the front line as a RAF Trauma Medic, I became obsessed with comfort and anything that reminded me of home. Sleepwear quickly become my favourite home comfort, but I always struggled to find a brand that offered me unique style and luxury, at the price tag I could afford.

I had always dreamt of having my own sleepwear brand, but for years put it off due to people laughing and telling me it couldn't be done and the constant 'what if's'.

Until a day in 2019 when I thought to myself.. ' But what if its amazing? '. The NAP Co was born in that single moment.

Remember. When somebody says you can't do it. Do it twice. & Take pictures.

Siobhan x


Our luxuriously soft sleepwear is designed to be effortlessly timeless and stylish but always chic too. Lounging around has never looked (or felt) so good!

Made for the girl that dares to dream big.

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