Once upon a time, there lived a Dreamer…

It’s late 2019, and The NAP Co has just launched from our founders spare bedroom. However, the PJ love affair started a long, long time before this… Let tell you the story and how it first started.

During 10 years of Royal Air Force service as a Trauma Medic, Siobhan served all over the world and spent most of her time abroad and away from home. Siobhan became obsessed with little luxury’s of comfort and anything that reminded her of home. Having to often pack light, the easiest (and her favourite) way of replicating the calm and comfort of home was to invest in beautiful sleepwear.
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After all, a good pair of Pyjama’s truly give you time to rest and recuperate, and dream of bigger and (sometimes better) places. Siobhan often dreamt of owning her own sleepwear brand after often struggling to find a brand that offered unique design elements matched with luxurious and beautiful fabrication at a fair price point. After leaving the service, a born dreamer, she put off the dream of owning a brand for 3 years, due to the fear of being laughed at and being told she couldn’t do it.

However one day, she decided to go for it, ignore the naysayers and The NAP Co was born in her bedroom that day.

At first, there was little money to invest in marketing after months of samples, visits and production to perfect the PJ, but Siobhan knew if she could just get the product into the hands of the customer, then the love affair would grow.

The first PJ collection launched in April 2020 and was such a success, that the PJ sold out in 4 colour ways in just 24 hours.

The company still prides itself on having never paid for any advertising or marketing. However, it has quickly become a blogger and celebrity favourite, thanks to the customer spreading the word of the world’s softest sleepwear and underwear.

The NAP Co has since grown to a small team of passionate, ambitious women who proudly design in the U.K. and manufacture in the far east.

I’m so proud of every single item created for you, and I hope you love the product as much as I’ve loved creating it for you. Remember, if anyone says you can’t do something… Do it twice and take pictures.

Love always,
Siobhan xx